Our Story

Some journeys begin with an idea, a chance meeting ……… but not all.

Established in Ireland, founders Jack Daly and Henry Roe have been friends since childhood. It seemed inevitable they would someday become business partners and follow a desire to design their own products. After a number of years working in business consultancy and retail management, they decided to follow their lifelong passion for watches and set up their own company, Huguenot Horology.

We wanted to design watches for people like us who love the vintage style of the 1950s and 60s era and care about quality”

Our History

The Huguenots left France in the 16th century seeking prosperity while preserving their heritage in hopes of a better life in Europe. Almost 420 years later their descendants have engendered the same spirit in establishing Huguenot Horology. Inspired by the past and always seeking perfection.

Our Philosophy

Huguenot values craftsmanship and attention to detail. We design our watches utilising modern materials to recreate retro-styles with our passion for quality. “Our personalities have many expressions and a watch can represent different occasions and aspects throughout a day, a month or a lifetime”

Jack Daly

Marketing Director

Henry Roe

Chief Financial Officer

Our Mission

We want to share the same passion and appreciation for our neo-vintage designs with others while delivering premium quality and value. Honestly built, with exceptional materials and no-nonsense dedication, we always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in everything we do.

The Founders

We have always had a passion for iconic designs. And in watches, that passion has had a permanent home. We started this company to make watches that we wanted to buy, with all the character we felt has been missing from many modern brands.

We grew up together, and are now defining our time by making quality watches which we hope can inspire your very own story – as it did ours.