Our Secret society

By L. Campbell, Victoria, Australia 

March 01, 2021

Where I lived as a kid in Cincinnati during the late 80s and early 90s, no one I knew was interested in watches. It was a very working-class area and so nobody went around wearing really expensive clothes or jewellery, anything that might get them noticed actually.

So, I usually wore digital watches back then, from Timex or Casio – but I always had a hidden interest in beautiful watches. I kept it mostly to myself and never really brought it up with my family and friends. Over the years however, I developed my own taste and style and I think watches were the starting point that led me to other fashion interests. I did well in college and joined a company in my early twenties that gave me the opportunity to travel and once I left Cincinnati, I felt liberated to express myself in ways I couldn’t before.

My favourite watch is a 1966 36mm Rolex day date adjust. It is just so iconic, and I have smaller wrists so this one fits perfectly. On a work trip to Singapore a few years back I wanted to see the Gardens by the Bay. I was unfortunately too late, but when I went to security to see if there was a way I could get in, the guard asked, “Is that a Day Date Adjust?” – we started talking about it, and the guard let me in. I love thinking about that moment. It was like we were both part of a secret network of watch admirers that understood each other, and in a way, I suppose we are.